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About Project

City center project as developing and changing side of Kartepe is a first city construction in Turkey.With everthing it will be a modern , contemporary and long-term investment.The project will meet 100 centennial needs with its equipment and infrastructure
Kartepe is a real value. Kartepe is also a real value for Kocaeli, Marmara Region and Turkey quite literally. It is a real value that has 50% of a narrow Asia-Europe transition between Samanlı Mountains and Black Sea 60 km long. It is a real value with tourism paradise nature and industry, contribution to economy, all lines of transportation .Kartepe a promising future.
Newly built city center includes district governorship, municipal, directorates of land registry, civil registry, police office and similar administrative organisations.
Kent Yapı Prestige provides 7 blocks,five-storey buildings with elevator , indoor-outdoor pools, fitness, Türkish bath, sauna and parking area built on 8300 m2 land at a 100 m. distance to these organisations.Ground floors consist of 4 storey 3+1 flats.

You don't need to dream for 5 years later. Because this is a real city center project and a real city construction projectKENT YAPI PRESTIGE KARTEPE...
Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat
Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat Kent Yapı İnşaat